What’s in a name?  A lot! Especially when we’re talking about the many names of God found throughout the Bible. There’s a backstory to each one of them that gave His people deeper insight into His personality and His power.  Each name unveils something about Him that was previously unknown.

To an old man in need of a miracle, God revealed Himself as Jehovah Jireh - The God That Provides.  To a young mother that had been abandoned, He was Jehovah Roi - The God That Sees.  To a king surrounded by enemies, He became Jehovah Rohi - The Shepherd That Protects.  And to lost humanity, He revealed Himself as Jesus - The God That Saves.

God has a name that speaks to every need we have.  He has a specific kind of comfort and power that can carry us through any situation we find ourselves in.  During this Home Group series, we’ll explore 6 of the names of God found in Scripture… and we’ll see that each name is really a personalized invitation to know and trust God on a deeper level.  He’s ready and waiting to be exactly what you need during this season of your life. We invite you to be a part of this exciting series!

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Richmond area homes | February 6 - March 27

Home Groups are very important to us here at The Pentecostals. 

Haven't been to a Home Group yet? Not sure what to expect??  

It's a casual atmosphere where we meet in homes all around the Richmond area & on our church campus.  

We eat, we talk, we laugh and enjoy an engaging Bible Study to learn from God's Word together.  

We look forward to this special time with friends - old and new!

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