Wednesdays @7 | June 6 - August 29

Check Out Your Summer Elective Options!

Through the Bible (Search for Truth) - A comprehensive study that takes us through the Bible. If you’re looking to broaden your understanding and deepen your knowledge of the Word, this class is for you! Led by Pastor Jason. (limited class size)

The Journey Course - Rather than living with our hurts and hangups, God wants to help us identify and overcome them. The Journey course was designed to help us in that process. We’ll examine our past to see what effect it’s having in our present, and learn practical and Bible-based plans that lead us to spiritual and emotional freedom. Class for ages 15 & up. Led by Andy Tarantino. (limited class size)

Financial Peace University - A Dave Ramsey course that gives participants a better understanding of finances from God’s point of view along with a plan to better manage their money and become debt free. The cost for books and materials for this course is $99 per couple or individual. This price could vary slightly depending on class size. We will send payment instructions to your email after registration. Led by Bryan & Stephanie Pound. (limited class size)

Praying Through the Tabernacle - This class gives us a heavenly prayer guide for a single purpose: to help us to know how to enter into God’s presence every time we pray. As we study each detail of its design, we’ll discover God’s plan that will help us get a deep connection with Him that will change our lives. Join us as we learn how to “pray through the tabernacle.” Led by Pastor Forbush.